April 14, 2017

Glacio Group's Benelux brand IJsboerke bans sugar from all kids' delights and Icy Light range

There is no way around it: healthy living is hot! Besides exercising more, drinking enough water and having sufficient sleep, eating less sugar is one of the keys to success. Glacio Group has also devoted a lot of attention to this within the last few years, by investing greatly in ice cream innovations to replace normal sugar (sucrose) by more healthy alternatives. Today we are proud to announce that our leading brand in the Benelux, IJsboerke, has replaced sugar by the natural alternative Tagatose, for all kids’ delights and the complete Icy Light product range! 

Ijsboerke Damhert Tagatose

Taga…what? TAGATOSE!

Tagatose is a natural sugar obtained from lactose (milk sugar). This lactose is being split into galactose and glucose by hydrolysis. The galactose is then converted into Tagatose by an enzymatic process. After a final purification process, a beautiful white crystal structure with a delicious natural sugar flavour is obtained. The final tagatose crystals contain no remaining traces of lactose or glucose. Tagatose is also naturally present in certain types of dairy products and fruits.

The taste of tagatose is very close to that of normal sugar, but the amount of kilocalories per gram is significantly lower. While one gram of normal sugar contains 4 kcal, the same amount of tagatose only has 1.5 kcal, which is less than half! By eating products with tagatose, people can still enjoy their favorite sweet moment, without having to worry about the high amount of calories. Moreover, tagatose is tooth-friendly and does not affect your blood sugar.

Tagatose was originally developed by an American pharmaceutical group for the treatment of bowel cancer patients, as it restores the intestinal flora. Later it became clear that the natural sugar also had other advantages. A dairy giant bought the license for tagatose, but did not succeed in producing the sugar at a competitive price. Ten years ago, the Belgian health food specialist, Damhert, developed a technology to produce tagatose in a more cost-efficient way, and to incorporate it in all kinds of food. Therefore, the exclusive partnership with Damhert is another important step by Glacio Group in letting all ice cream lovers enjoy a healthy, though sweet and tasty indulgence!

For more information on tagatose and its usage in food, you can have a look at: http://www.damhert.be/en/blog/artikel/13

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